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Welcome to our website!

BAVA are a group of artists ranging from beginners, intermediate to professional . . . focusing on supporting and developing the talents of local artists to benefit the cultural community of the Banana Shire.

We organize and co-ordinate various workshops through the year and are active participants in cultural events such as the annual Brigalow Arts Festival, Callide Valley Show and individual and combined exhibitions through out the Banana Shire.

We provide information on our calendar of events including workshops, art competitions and Flying Arts details.

Please feel free to leave any comments! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are an artist or aiming to take up some creative pursuits ... please JOIN US! We are eager to hear from you.

Art news from other art groups are also most welcome!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Opening of the Brigalow Art Festival & Winners on the Night.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.
It was wonderful to see approx. 25 artworks from artists & friends of BAVA.
Well Done.

Friday, 19 October 2007

B.A.V.A. Exhibition – February 2008

Biloela Library Art Space.
Combined works from throughout the Year 2007.

Jan ~ BAVA Art Exhibition Biloela Library Art Space

Feb ~ BAVA visit Sarah Larsen's Studio

Mar ~ "Drawing Unconventionally" with Brian Kehoe

Apr ~ "Travelling Diaries" with Jo Lawrence

May~ Hebel with Rosemary Anderson (RADF Funded)

June ~ BAVA & Biloela Potters - Karen Gaskell & Jo Lawrence

July ~ Textile Artist - Jane Gray/ Coffee & Tea Works! Exhibition

Aug ~ Scrapbooking with Julie Buckley/Combined Workshops Flying Arts Exhibition 2006/2007

Sept ~ BAVA at Greycliffe Homestead

Oct ~ BAVA at the Brigalow Art Festival

Nov ~BAVA Works in Progress

Dec ~ ART Shoes Exhibition /BAVA Christmas Party.

Biloela Area Visual Artists are invited to showcase their works at the Biloela Library Art Space in February, 2008.
If any members are available to help hang the February Exhibition, it would be appreciated.
If you can help, please contact myself, Maria Wiley or Karen Gaskell.
I am asking all Biloela Area Visual to support this exhibition with 3 pieces of artwork they have produced throughout this year.

All artwork is to be named and framed/hung appropriately. If you would like your artwork for sale, please put the information on the back of the artwork and it will be put into the exhibition program. Could you email these details to me as soon as possible for the Exhibition Program.

Please drop artworks off at the Biloela Library. Date to be confirmed.
I would especially like to Thank all the Invited Guests, who shared their love for ART with the BAVA members over the past year.

To everyone who participated at our BAVA monthly meetings, Attended Flying Arts Workshops & Showcased their Artworks in Exhibitions at the Biloela Library Art Space throughout 2007. Some Artists have exhibited works this year 4 times.

It is wonderful to have our local talent on show and being recognised in the community. Well Done everyone.
Thankyou for your ongoing support over the year and look forward to new & exciting ventures in 2008.

Having Fun with ART,
Kym Simms :)
BAVA Coordinator 2007.

Ringmaking workshop this weekend . . .

Hope all those doing the ringmaking workshop have a great time :) Look forward to seeing some of your jewellery in the blog!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Any photos/comments?

BAVA members please feel free to email either Kym or Maria with any photos you would like to share from the Brigalow night or anything else which you would like to add as a post :)

More from Brigalow . . .

Kym with her 'Highly Commended' painting in Emerging Artist section.
Biloela Brass Band greeting guests at the entrance to the Biloela Civic Centre.

Some of the many artworks on display.

More photos . . .

Art lovers

Artist, Gwen Evetts with her artwork titled "Maggie & Beau"

Kym & Sarah

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Brigalow Arts Festival!

A very successful night with a large crowd attending the opening last night at the Biloela Civic Centre. With around 167 adult entries & 37 High School entries, the walls of the Civic Centre were packed with a large variety of artworks from all over the region.

Well done to all the BAVA participants! It was wonderful to see so many of our talented members works on display! Congratulations to our BAVA members, Pam Shipman (Scholarship winner), Olga Bath (3-Dimensional artworks, sculpture winner) & Kym Simms (Photography- theme 'Drought', winner).

Monday, 15 October 2007

BAVA members Judy & Val . . .

Best wishes Judy & Val on your upcoming joint exhibition!

Judy & Val's works will be on display from 1 - 30 November 2007 at the Biloela Library Art Space.

I'm looking forward to viewing your lovely artworks :)

Maria Wiley

Sunday, 14 October 2007


wRAPT in Rocky
The 1st CQ Regional Textiles Forum
June 29 – July 5 2008
Rockhampton Qld


Wearable art…fibre construction …surface embellishment…fabric printing… shoes… felting… dyeing…quilting…embroidery…jewellery…
artists’ books… and more!

A taste of the tropics….A sense of excitement
A flourish of colour and delights
An absolutely fabulous time

See you there!
Contact Nanette Balchin 07 49393885
Or go to the TAFTA website

NEWSLETTER 1 Wrapt in Rocky 2008

The 1st CQ Textile Forum
June 29 – July 5 2008
Rockhampton Girls Grammar School
Rockhampton Qld

Welcome to the 1st CQ Regional Textiles Forum. How exciting that it’s happening in CQ. This is a great opportunity for all textiles artists especially those from CQ and across regional Qld to get amongst the fun and learning offered at FORUMS - and for you to meet textile artists from all over Australia so please don’t miss out! There are 12 fantastic workshops and tutors from across Australia many of whom have national and even international teaching experience.
The venue Rockhampton Girls Grammar School has beautiful grounds, great facilities and the joy of single room accommodation. For first time visitors to Central Qld Rockhampton is a wonderful city to visit so consider extending your stay and visiting the Capricorn Coast, Great Keppel Island or head west and experience the outback. I certainly look forward to meeting you all in 2008.
Yours in textiles ……….. Nanette Balchin
What’s happening at WRAPT in Rocky?
 A choice of 12 workshops…. See the list over the page
 An exhibition tour on Wednesday afternoon to experience the delights of galleries in Rockhampton and on the Capricorn Coast.
 A Forum Installation: Dr. Pamela Croft will be the creative force behind a special “Wrapt in Rocky” installation. RGGS students will start the project and the installation will continue to evolve throughout Forum.
 Night time activities…. Will Barbie travel to the tropics or will she be replaced by another illustrious character? This year’s theme is still to be decided but there’ll be heaps of fun involved so watch this space.

Format for WRAPT in Rocky
Sunday 29 June: 4 – 6pm Meet and greet with tutors, Welcome event
Monday – Friday: Classes 9 – 4 daily.1/2 day Wednesday
Wednesday: 1.30 – 5.30pm Trip to local Galleries and the Capricorn Coast
Saturday July 5: 9 – 12 Open Day, Sellers Bazaar, Exhibition

Seeking Volunteers: Are you able to help with Forum? What talents can you volunteer?
A team of volunteers is needed to assist before and during Forum. Help is needed with AV presentations, admin, marketing, parties, the Open Day, organising pillows and blankets etc. All expertise and time offered is really appreciated so please call me on 49393885 if you feel you can help. A small team is already in place including Julie Thornton, Noeline Machan, Joyce Goble, Una Barnett, Jan Collins and Rosemary Jewell. Feel free to join us.
Prices & Bookings: A value packed Forum awaits you
Residential:- $780 Non residential:- $415 - MT, AT & all lunches included
Bookings open October 15!!. An Enrolment Form for attached.
These are base prices and some tutors have a Student Fee for materials.

12 Fantastic Workshops in 2008
Brochures will be available in November with all the details.
Call/ email for a brochure for you or your group.

Pamela Croft
Mixed media & installation Visual Storytelling

June Fiford
Hand Embroidery
Bags of Gold

Jacinta Leishman
Fibre manipulation & surface embellishment
Alchemy: Sorcery with paint, potions, paper and cloth

Keith Lo Bue
Jewellery & assemblage
Precious Little: Poetics of Found Object Jewellery

Susan Mathews
Quilting: design & surface decoration
Once Upon a Theme

Adele Outteridge
Artists books Books as containers,
Books in containers: Thinking inside the book, Thinking inside the box

Barbara Schey
Shibori & dyeing
Shibori with Attitude

Ken Smith
Machine Embroidery
Machine Embroidering the Landscape

Kirry Toose
Wearable Art/Design
Fractured Finery - East of the Sun

Yvonne Twining
These Shoes were made for Walking

Marie Therese
Wisniowski Dyeing & print layering, cloth design
In Pursuit of Complex Cloth: Complex Cloth Intensive

Mollie Littlejohn
Making your Marks Felt - Body Cloths & Tribal Garments

A taste of the tropics… A sense of excitement…
A flourish of colour and delights… An absolutely fabulous time…

See you there!
Contact Nanette Balchin 07 49393885
Or go to the TAFTA website

Enrolment Forms are available - Let Kym know if you would like one.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Grafton Artsfest . . .

I thoroughly enjoyed the Pastel workshop with Grace Paleg. She's a lovely person & a great teacher. Her works in pastel simply amazing. I recommend anyone wishing to learn or improve in pastel painting to attend one of her workshops. (She also takes private tuiton in her studio in Batemans Bay, NSW)

Great to be back home in Bilo :) Looking forward to seeing all the BAVA members on Monday night at the opening of the Brigalow Arts Festival!


Friday, 5 October 2007

B.A.V.A. Update.

Hello BAVA Members & Friends,

Here are some exciting updates for BAVA members & friends for the next 3 months. Also our BAVA Blog is up and running and looks great.
If you would like to support our BAVA Blog with information or artworks, could you send a letter of permission for your name, your photo & artworks to be showcased on the BAVA Blog to myself or Maria Wiley.

On the Blog we have set up a slideshow with Artists works, these slideshows hold 16 photographs. We hope to set one up for each artists and showcase their works.
We would also like to do a profile on each artists, some background information in their chosen field.

If you would like to take this opportunity, to showcase your works, could you photograph your artworks and send them with a permission letter to Maria or myself.
Please state the Artist's Name, Media and Title of the painting. Invitations will be sent out in the next week to members who haven't already received one.

If you would like to know about Blogging, please let Maria or I know & we would be happy to answer any questions.
This is a great way to showcase our local talents and to keep everyone updated with the current BAVA information.

October -
15th BAVA at the Brigalow Arts Festival Opening Night.
Thankyou for supporting this Local Art Festival, BAVA.
I am so proud of you all :)
Look forward to a great night.
All Welcome.
(Information in upcoming email.)

24th Biloela Arts Council Meeting
Biloela Community Arts House.
All Welcome.

Biloela Library Art Space
On Request ~ Biloela Arts Council
October Exhibition ~ Silk

20th & 21st Flying Arts Workshop - Ringmaking for Beginners
(Information Available
24th & 25th Pastels with Maxine Thompson (Monto)
(Information Available
27th & 28th Experimenting with Ceramics. (Monto)
(Information Available

November –
24th Work in Progress for BAVA.ArtShoes Artworks
BAVA 2008 Exhibition Artworks
Christmas Secret Santa Gifts
~ A5 artwork or Art Equipment to the value of $10-$20

December –
BAVA Christmas Party. Celebrate a Successful 2007 & Secret Santa Gift.
Biloela Palms Restaurant
Date TBC

Combined Community Artworks with the Theme of ArtShoes.
Biloela Area Visual Artists & Friends are invited to share their works in a Combined Community Exhibition with Biloela Arts Council Inc & Banana Shire Council at the Biloela Library Art Space on 12th December, 2007. This is a community invitation to Biloela Potters, Patchwork & Photographers.

"ArtShoes" Exhibition on Request from Queensland Arts Council should arrive on the Tuesday, 11th December & we will start to hang it on the following day, Wednesday, 12th December with the other pieces.
If any members are available to help hang on the Wednesday, 12th December, it would be appreciated
If you can help, please contact myself, 49922625 or Sarah Larsen.
Phone 49958257 or email

I am asking all BAVA Artists & Friends to support this exhibition with a piece of artwork that reflects the Title of the Exhibition ~ "ArtShoes"
Artwork can be in any media - have fun with it. This is an exciting venture.

All artwork is to be named and framed/hung appropriately. If you would like your artwork for sale, please put the information on the back of the artwork and it will be put into the exhibition program. Could you email these details to me as soon as possible for the Program to be finalised by the Exhibition's due date.
Please drop artworks off at the Biloela Library by Friday 7th December, 2007

There will be a Opening Night, so we can invite our family, friends, and the public to admire the works of art. Friday Night, 14th December, 2007. All Welcome.
If you have any questions about this Exhibition, please phone or email myself or Sarah Larsen.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Queensland Arts Council

Biloela Library Art Space ~ October

href="">Queensland Arts Council
: " Silk Helen Hancock

Silk is a series of drawings, computer generated images and collages, experimenting with the subtle shapes, forms and colours of the silkworm and spun silk. The original drawings are simple but detailed with some generated and manipulated electronically by Helen to enhance their impact. The result is a body of work that portrays an emotional journal associated with a period of chronic pain Helen experienced as the result of a life-changing injury. Developing Silk was a form of relaxation and pain diversion for Helen. Because of the social taboos associated with public expression of pain or personal weakness, her responses were cocooned. Silk is her creative expression of those private emotions. Helen has a Diploma of Arts, (Visual Communication) from Queensland College of Art Griffith University and has worked in graphic design in Melbourne, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Alice Springs and Toowoomba. She has been represented in over fifty galleries, in both commercial and competitive shows, and her work has been acquired for the Suncorp Art Collection (Suncorp Art Awards, 1987) and for the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery (Stanthorpe Art Festival, 1990). Helen has also had five solo exhibitions in Brisbane and South East Queensland (1993-2004).
25 May - 15 June Barwon Breads n' Pastries, Mungindi
24 July - 18 August Texas Regional Gallery
28 August - 15 September Cooloola Shire Public Gallery
5 October - 27 October Biloela Library
16 November - 12 December CRACA - Tully "

Queensland Arts Council

Biloela Library Art Space ~ December 2007

href="">Queensland Arts Council
: " Art Shoes by Pendragon Boot Company Jackie Orme Ward & Adrian Lockwood

Pendragon Boot Company Penny Farthing Kid leather, boot buttons & carved wood 1996 Pendragon Boot Company offers regional audiences an exhibition of shoe art spanning work from the past 19 years. Art Shoes explores themes as diverse as nature, absurdity and haute couture. Pendragon takes the humble shoe and elevates it to a new level as an artform in its own right. Jackie and Adrian have 16 years of shoemaking experience, including made-tomeasure, patternmaking and grading, leather and heel design and all aspects of shoe construction. They are regularly engaged to provide footwear for artists appearing in Opera Queensland and Queensland Theatre Company productions, as well as for interstate production companies, such as Simon Gallaher’s EssGee Entertainment and Company B among others. Their work has also appeared in the Warner Bros films Peter Pan and Scooby Doo.
Tour Dates 2007:
25 April-3 JuneBundaberg Arts Centre
18 June-6 JulyRedcliffe Cultural Centre
18 July-25 AugustPine Rivers Regional Gallery
7 September-28 SeptemberDirranbandi Arts Council
12 October-28 OctoberCapella Arts Council
9 November-30 NovemberBauhinia Shire Bicentennial Art Gallery Springsure
14 December-26 January 2008Biloela Arts Council "