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BAVA are a group of artists ranging from beginners, intermediate to professional . . . focusing on supporting and developing the talents of local artists to benefit the cultural community of the Banana Shire.

We organize and co-ordinate various workshops through the year and are active participants in cultural events such as the annual Brigalow Arts Festival, Callide Valley Show and individual and combined exhibitions through out the Banana Shire.

We provide information on our calendar of events including workshops, art competitions and Flying Arts details.

Please feel free to leave any comments! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are an artist or aiming to take up some creative pursuits ... please JOIN US! We are eager to hear from you.

Art news from other art groups are also most welcome!

Thursday, 30 April 2009


Hi friends!
To celebrate my blog's 2nd anniversary I'm doing a giveaway ... if you're interested visit my site & go to the post dated 29th April,


Saturday, 25 April 2009

ROSEMARY ANDERSON WORKSHOP ~ Staining Techniques with Vibrant Acrylics

Staining Techniques with Vibrant Acrylics
13th & 14th JUNE 2009
A two day workshop using a technique for making backgrounds easy.
We will then combine the participants own resource material to use that background to make a vibrant and personal
For more info: Contact: Kym Simms Email:
All payment to be direct deposit to : BSB 484-799 Account No 130222488
Please confirm payment with receipt number. Payment required by 29th May, 2009.

Time: 9am - 4 pm
Venue: Biloela Show Grounds, Auburn Street, Biloela.
Cost: $65.00
Materials List
Good quality acrylic paints:
Diox purple Jaune brilliant
Ultra blue Naples yellow
Cobalt blue Red
Pthalo blue Pale gold
Cobalt turquoise light Gold
Indian yellow Copper
Quin magenta Lemon yellow
Brilliant magenta Olive green
Red gold.
Any of these and any other colours you have. (I think most people will have these colours from Sarah’s and Jenni Kelly’s workshops.)
Some inks – blue, magenta, yellow, turquoise. Drop a bead into these inks when mixing.
Three canvases approximately 30 x 24” gessoed before the workshop.
Prior to the workshop can the participants mix their favourite background colours from the list on the left, into small glass jars with lids or plastic containers with lids. A squoosh of paint, a few drops of flow medium and the rest water to make thin paints. This will save time and make sure the paints are mixed ready to start.
1 tube of squeeze ezy – No More Gaps
Flow medium
Drawing materials, including charcoal
Normal water spray bottle with a squirt of flow medium added to the water
Paper towels, Chux cloths
A few Atelier fine mist water sprayers. ( we can share these amongst the group or they can have one each. They are not expensive.)
Cabot’s gloss and satin Crystal Clear varnishes. (We can buy one of each to share or people can use their own art brand varnishes if they prefer.)
Palette knives, credit cards, brushes, rollers, fingers, anything to put paint on canvas.
Masking tape, scissors. Paint palettes.
Sheets of plastic and newspaper for putting work on to dry, lying flat on the verandah.
Any material to add texture if people want it. (tissue paper, bubble wrap, cardboard etc.)
Hair dryers to share. Resource material of things they would like to paint. Photocopy resource material in black and white and blow it up about ½ an A4 or full A4 size.
We will be doing backgrounds in the artists’ own favourite colours and the subject matter will also be in those colours.
The list seems a lot, but most people will have these already.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Q150 Mosaic Tile for the Banana Shire Complete - Well Done Gwen & Michele

Queensland celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2009.

Banana Shire Council ~ Mosaic Tile (PAST)

• Tile Artist ~ Mrs Gwen Evetts
• Tile Composition ~ BAVA - Biloela Area Visual Arts
Gwen Evetts, Kym Simms, Olga Bath, Sarah Larsen, Maria Wiley, Karen Gaskell, Odette Williams, Michele Lyons Briggs, Jenelle Wood & Gail VanItallie.

Mosaic Tile (Past) Description -

On the outer edge of the Q150 Mosaic Tile (Past) are the names of the twelve towns in the Banana Shire.

The Cockatoo is the Aboriginal name for Biloela
The Possum is the Aboriginal name for Thangool.
The Echidna is the Aboriginal name for Jambin.

There are three mountains on the sides of the Q150 Mosaic Tile (Past) Mt Ramsay, Mt Scoria and The Isla Gorge.

In the centre is the Banana Shire Logo. The concept of the “b” in the Banana Shire logo depicts all roads lead to the Banana Shire. The tile also depicts the Cobb & Co Coach route through our shire.

Resting inside the “b” logo are aboriginal paintings representing the aboriginal people of the shire also.

Mosaic Tile (Future) Description -

The work on the Q150 Mosaic Tile (Future)) is based on the Banana Shire Logo, as we felt the logo was a very good design that had elements the BAVA Group wanted to express in our vision of the Shire’s future,

The White “b” in the centre represents the road to us, in which we were headed.

The Blue represents the water of the life and fresh air, that everything needs for growth.

The Green not only represents the land, but the Green technology that has been developed here, which will lead us to a greener future in the Shire.

While the variety of graduation from the brown reds to yellow presents all the industries in our region as a bright & colourful future.
Last but not least, the names of all the towns in our district flow into our path to the future because without these communities to will be no Future.

Queensland celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2009.

Banana Shire Council ~ Mosaic Tile (FUTURE)

• Tile Artist ~ Mrs Michele Lyons Briggs
• Tile Composition ~ BAVA - Biloela Area Visual Arts
Gwen Evetts, Kym Simms, Olga Bath, Sarah Larsen, Maria Wiley, Karen Gaskell, Odette Williams, Michele Lyons Briggs, Jenelle Wood & Gail VanItallie.

Great work ladies, photo's have been taken and the Q150 tiles will be on display at the Q150 Exhibition in June at the Biloela Library Art Space.

~ Happy Easter ~

Have a safe, peaceful & happy Easter everyone!


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sharon Gallagher Photography @ Kristine's Coffee Shop

I was born, raised and still reside here in Biloela. My interest in photography began way back in high school when it was one of the electives I studied in Art. I never even owned a "proper" camera until late 2005, but from then on photography has become a passion for me.
I have a strong appreciation for B&W photography, with portraiture being my preferred field. I love images that powerful, thought provoking and somewhat unconventional. Mostly self-taught, I'll read whatever I can get my hands on if I think I can learn something from it. The "Digital Era" has helped me tremendously. Being able to see your mistakes immediately really accelerates the learning process. Having spent my entire life as a dancer/choreographer has had a huge impact on the way I "create" my images. I plan each shot and know in my mind exactly how I want the finished product to look before I even release the shutter. I still have much to learn.....but am enjoying the journey every step of the way. Thanks to Juanita @ Kristisne's & Kym@ BAVA for allowing me the opportunity to showcase some of my work at Kristine's. Please enjoy......Cheers......SHARON GALLAGHER

Sunday, 5 April 2009


It was great catching up with everyone at our last month's get-together! Look forward to seeing everyone again in a few weeks :)

I hope to finish the last piece (no. 30) of my daily painting challenge today! Well, it's taken me more than a month ... 2 exactly, but I am breathing a big sigh of relief already :)

It's been an interesting (if not exhausting) experience ... I paint in the evenings & on the nights I paint I have been up as late as 1am! So ... I'm looking forward to absorbing what I've learnt & having a rest :) I hope to take pieces, or perhaps sections of some, that i like & using them to create larger works on either canvas or paper.

I'll be reflecting (perhaps on my vlog- video log) on this experience, what I've learnt & gained from it ... very soon. Stay tuned! Till then ...