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Welcome to our website!

BAVA are a group of artists ranging from beginners, intermediate to professional . . . focusing on supporting and developing the talents of local artists to benefit the cultural community of the Banana Shire.

We organize and co-ordinate various workshops through the year and are active participants in cultural events such as the annual Brigalow Arts Festival, Callide Valley Show and individual and combined exhibitions through out the Banana Shire.

We provide information on our calendar of events including workshops, art competitions and Flying Arts details.

Please feel free to leave any comments! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are an artist or aiming to take up some creative pursuits ... please JOIN US! We are eager to hear from you.

Art news from other art groups are also most welcome!

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year - Looking forward to a Creative 2010.

After the year 2009, the New Year 2010
has in store various goals for different people.
2010 will be an eventful year with achievements and successes in every field.
Wishing you all the happiest & joyful New Year.

Having Fun with ART'10

Reflecting on 2009 - What a successful year :)
Sharon Muir - Colour Workshop

Robyn Wust - Dichroic Jewellery (3 succesful workshop throughout the year)

Q150 Mosaic Tile - BAVA tile for the Banana Shire Council.

Rosemary Anderson - Acrylics Staining Techniques

Jenni Kelly - Funtastic Acylics 4 day Workshop with Beginners & Extension Courses

Lucja Ray - Creative Mixed Media/Abstract

Brigalow Arts Festival Opening Night - Success for BAVA ladies on the night.

Friday, 25 December 2009

January 2010 ~ Exhibition in the Biloela Library Art Space.

BAVA ~ January Exhibition in the Biloela Library Art Space 2010.

Artworks to arrive on Tuesday, 5th January, 2010 @ the Library 9.30am
Artworks will be there throughout the month and pickup will be Friday, 29th January.
If any members are available to help hang on the 5th January,
it would be appreciated please contact or 49922625.

All artworks produced throughout 2009 or at BAVA workshops are welcome to be exhibited -

Titled, Media Subject, Artist Name & Sale Price included or NFS and framed/hung appropriately.

Could you email these details to for the program to be finalised by the Exhibition's due date.

Please drop artworks off at the Biloela Library on Tuesday, 5th January, 2009 or make other arrangements if away.

Looking forward to seeing your there, may have a cuppa afterwards:)

Check Out BAVA on Facebook also.

As you think, so you are. As you dream, so you become. As you create your wishes,
so they create you. --Wendy Garrett

Christmas Greetings From BAVA

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas &
Healthy and Safe New Year.
Looking forward to a Creative 2010 :)
Having Fun with ART

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Kristine's.. December Artists

Jenelle Wood - Pastel Artist


Kristine's Coffee Shop proudly supports the Art community of Biloela.
December Artists - Jenelle Wood exhibiting 6 Pastel Artworks & Rachael Wood displays one of her Photography pieces.
Please drop into the shop, try a fantastic LaVazza coffee & enjoy the local arts on display.