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Sunday, 20 April 2008

BAVA @ Brian Kehoe

Well done,Everyone.
It was a lovely day, 12 participants worked through the day with Brian so easily. Everyone produced very effective drawings with this charcoal concept.
The poses of the nude were very popular (from photo -not life)& so easily drawn with the charcoal. The effects are forgiving to any level of artist.
Keep up the great work & practice. I thinking capsicum......then maybe a pear.
Great learning environment for our beginners & also experienced participants.

Thank you to Brian & participants for supporting the day. Blue Care Respite Centre for a great Venue. Maria for your updates on the BAVA Blog & Gail for your help with the BAVA program for the day. Looking forward to seeing some BAVA artworks in the upcoming Local Show & our BAVA workshop in June with Hebel & Sandstone.
Having Fun with ART :)
Kym :)

Glenda (L)~very proud of her works for the day & Judy (R) ~ gifted in this area with the trees & landscape.

Participants inspired outside looking at trees with Brian. Learning the gestalt technique with Trees also.

~ Brian Kehoe 'Drawing' Workshop ~

sharpen those pencils . . .

Brian demonstrating a technique . . .

viewing some of Brian's examples . . .

getting ready for a great day!

some of the diligent students . . .

Here we all are at the end of the day :-)

Thank you Brian for a very informative & fun day. Thanks also to Kym for organising everything.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Postcard Collaboration!

Hello Artists & Friends,
An invitation to participate & explanation of The Postcard Collaboration! From Artist ~ Peta Lloyd

You may be interested in participating yourselves, or know of other artists who may be interested, so please pass this info onto others in your group!
Please contact Peta Lloyd, if you would like to participate in this collaboration.

Hello to you all! both current and potential collaborators!!!

The altered book collaboration which began in 2006, is currently being exhibited at The Mill Gallery in Yeppoon Qld, there have been lots of positive comments from viewers, as well as enquiries from other artists about participating in the next collaboration. So ...........
This is your invitation to participate as well as a brief explanation about the next collaboration and what it will entail.

Donna (Malone) - a current participant, and I spent some time together a couple of weeks ago and we came up with the following exciting idea (well we were very excited about it and hope you will be too!!): "The postcard collaboration"

Up to eight artists will make up a group, so we may have 1, 2 or more groups operating at the same time, depending on how many people are interested.
The collaboration will work like this:
Each artist will prepare a postcard for each member of the group and one for themselves. (That will be up to 8 postcards).

The postcards will be a standard postcard size which is : 15cm x10cm .
The materials for the postcard are limited only by your imagination and what you are able to comfortably post!

Each artist will also come up with a theme for their postcards one theme for each round, ie 6 themes, either completely different or perhaps related in some way eg a ‘nature’ theme, birds, trees, insects, weather, animals, flowers.
There will be six rounds over a twelve month period.

Each round will be over the period of 2 months ie you will have 2 months to ‘alter’ the eight postcards you will receive (remember one that you have retained of your own and seven others from seven different artists)

At the completion of 2 months, (or before if you are a super quick worker!), you will post back the seven postcards, that is each postcard that you received you will post back to the same artist who sent it to you, (you will have 7 postcards to post as you will keep your own from each round), some of you may prefer to post that postcard back to yourself so as to continue the theme of sending it through the post!

Part of the idea of this collaboration is that the postcards will be posted twice, the first posting will be from the originator who will post one to each of the artists in their group. The second posting will be the artists each posting back the postcard they received (and have now altered) to the originating artist. So when you alter the postcard you will need to take into account the fact you will need to address the postcard back to the originating artist. And also allow some space to put your own return address on the postcard, as well of course as the postage stamps.

Donna and I gleaned this idea from another artist, Lenore Tawney, some of you may be familiar with Lenore's postcard series of works? (I have seen them in a book titled “Signs on the Wind” Lenore Tawney Postcard collages, essay by Holland Cotter)

You can alter the postcards with almost anything so long as it will stay on and is able to be accepted by the post office as ‘postable’. You can paint, collage, sew, glue, staple, tape etc materials such as paper, fabric, found objects (as long as they are relatively flat, use acrylic paints, inks, pens, pencil etc etc in the altering of the postcards!

I hope the above makes sense to everyone!
What I will need from you now is a commitment to participate! The deadline for this is: 13.04.2008.