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BAVA are a group of artists ranging from beginners, intermediate to professional . . . focusing on supporting and developing the talents of local artists to benefit the cultural community of the Banana Shire.

We organize and co-ordinate various workshops through the year and are active participants in cultural events such as the annual Brigalow Arts Festival, Callide Valley Show and individual and combined exhibitions through out the Banana Shire.

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Friday, 9 October 2009

Tracey Hewitt & BAVA@ Rhubarb 2009

October 2009...Rhubarb Gallery Space in Theodore
are featuring the textile and mixed media art of
Tracey Hewitt.

Jenelle Wood, Glenda Semple & I travelled over to Theodore to surprise Tracey & Fleur and admired a very talented lady's artwork. Tracey, Fleur, Jacqui and her friends were all very supportive on the night. Well Done :)

If you haven't heard of Rhubarb before it is a boutique in Theodore on the Boulevard.
At their store they do a couple of things that are a little different.

1. each month Rhubarb supports a charity through our Cause of the Month.
Each month $1 from each item sold goes to our nominated charity or community group that month.

2. Rhubarb serve a beautiful tea for two. You can some and sit in store on
our lounges and enjoy a pot of our specialty tea and a Rhubarb
cupcake. Each month we have a different tea to try aside from our
regular tea menu.

3. and most importantly Rhubarb have a Gallery Space. Each month Rhubarb profile
a local artist in our Gallery and have a in store event on the first
Friday of the month to profile that artist. We work with the artist to
find a way for the arrangement to be mutually agreeable. This is
usually a consignment based model.

Rhubarb is writing to you for two reasons. Firstly to let BAVA artists know that in October we are featuring the textile and mixed media art of Tracey Hewitt.
An invitation to our 'First Friday' gallery event to profile Tracey's works.
And secondly Rhubarb would love to open this opportunity up to any of BAVA Artists to feature their works in the Gallery Space.

Any interested artists are encouraged to email Fleur
and give a brief overview of what they do and what they would like to display.
Fleur will slot them into the calendar and will take care of all the
marketing and promotional material.

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  1. Thanks for coming over was such a treat to see you there, and everyone enjoyed meeting you. We're very lucky to have Fleur in our community - she has great ideas, and does everything with a great deal of flair...I really encourage anyone who might be interested in being a featured artist at Rhubarb to give her a call (or the electronic equivalent!)She makes it all very easy, and does a terrific job of promotion!


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